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Since its 1990 launch, the Hubble Space Telescope has changed our understanding of the universe, revealing thousands of amazing photos of unknown stars, suns and planets in deep space millions of light years from earth.

These Sunlight Panels with actual photos from the Hubble Telescope will bring the bright and colorful images of space into your home.  Just stick it on your window and let the sun light it up!

Bursting with color, the sunlight streams through the panel generating explosive imagery throughout your room. Just Hang, Stick or place it on or near a window and watch the sunlight bring it to life. Our 3 standard sizes of Sunlight Panels are 11×11”, 15×15” and 23×23”, however, you can order any custom panel size here. Each Sunlight mixed-media image is printed exclusively on transparent panels. The 11” and 15” panels come with a free set of 4 suction cups so you can just stick it on your window.

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