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On this page you can order Sunlight Art Celebration Panels or Purchase Custom Orders!

1. Sunlight Art Celebration Panels for a Special Event
2. Your Photos or Images on Sunlight Panels
3. A Sunlight Art Team Panel with a Different Team Background
4. A Sunlight Art Team Panel in a Custom Size

Some popular applications for Sunlight Art Custom Panels include:

• Wedding Photo Panels – Reception Welcome Centerpiece, Save the Date mailers, Wedding Favors, Bridal Party Gifts, Commemorative Wedding Photo Panels for guests and family/friends not in attendance
• Favorite NFL Team Panels – Fan Gifts or Party Favors in custom sizes
• School Events – Enhanced Group Photo panels for everyone in the class or special event
• Sports Teams and Activity Groups – Commemorative Photo panels that will last a lifetime
• Special Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation and Bar Mitzvah party handouts with photos and creative artwork
• Thank You gifts to volunteers, contributors, friends, and family for good works
• A fresh medium for artists who want to display their paintings in a distinctive new way

Custom Order Sizing and Pricing Breakdown

Panel Dimensions
(Sunlight Art Standard Size)
Price/Each Your Digital Image File Size
8” Square $29 250 dpi
11” Square $39 320 dpi
12” to 15” Square (or 130 to 225 Sq Inches) $59 350 dpi
16” to 23” Square (or 125 to 540 Sq Inches) $89 400 dpi
24” to 30” Square (or 541 to 900 Sq Inches) $129 500 dpi
31” to 40” Square (or 901 to 1,600 Sq Inches) $189 700 dpi
41” to 48” Square (or 1,601 to 4,200 Sq Inches) $279 900 dpi

A Few Custom Order Details:

  • A $120 minimum Custom Order total is required, which can include purchase of other Sunlight Art Panels
  • Suction Cups are included with every Sunlight Panel to stick it onto a window
  • Standard discounts do not apply, however, there is a 10% discount given on Custom Orders over $275
  • A $30 Design Fee is added to Custom Orders with a new Image, background change or text


Submit this Order Form for Sunlight Art Celebrations and other Custom Sunlight Art Panels

    Check the type of custom Sunlight Art Panel(s) you would like to order:

    After we receive your completed Order Form, we will send you an invoice for payment and details confirming your order prior to printing. If you are submitting your own photo or digital image for Custom Panels, be sure that the file is in jpg format, the file size is in the range listed above, and you own the rights to use the image you are submitting.  Please be sure the details and dimensions in your order are correct as all sales are final once printed.  If you have questions, please put them in the Message section of the Order Form and we will contact you prior to printing.  Thank you


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