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  • Sunlight Art panels are printed images of original “mixed media” paintings that are only available on transparent panels produced by Sunlight Art Gallery.
  • The primary advantage of printing images on transparent panels is that all the brilliant colors come to life when they are illuminated by sunlight in any window sill.  Sunlight Art Gallery utilizes the highest quality inks, panels and production values.
  • Placing favorite images in windows improves the view, which otherwise is often less enjoyable.
  • Earlier purchasers will receive the lower numbers in the Limited Edition.
  • Members of the Sunlight Collectors Club will be given the same number in every different Sunlight panel Edition they purchase, in addition to credits and other benefits.
  • In addition to enjoying Sunlight Art panels, there can be long term value in collecting them especially if they have identical Edition numbers.
  • As is customary with limited edition artworks, Sunlight Art panel prices may increase as an Edition begins to sell out. For that reason it is good to buy early.
  • The “standard” size of Sunlight Art panels is 23.25” x 23.25” square, a good size for most window placements, however, you can custom order our images in any size and even order your own photos and images (see the Custom page).



  • For a limited time, with the purchase of any Sunlight Art panel you’ll receive free Fedex shipping and one of the 3 complimentary Display Options (excluding the Light Box). If you choose to purchase a Light Box, you will recieve a $50 refund instead of one of the 3 complimentary Display Options.
  • Lowest numbers in an Edition are given as orders come in, so earlier orders will receive lower numbers. 
  • All panels are shipped via Fedex Ground to purchasers in the US.
  • Allow up to 14 days to receive your panel after your paid order is processed.
  • Allow up to 3 weeks to receive your Light Box order.

  • RETURNS: There are No Returns allowed for panels purchased unless they are damaged in shipment.  The reason for this policy is that once a numbered panel is shipped and handled it can not be resold. 


  • All orders must be prepaid in full before they are shipped.
  • Credit Cards and Paypal can be used at checkout


  • All panels are shipped via Fedex Ground to purchasers in the USA.
  • Allow up to 14 days to receive your panel after your paid order is processed.
  • Allow up to 3 weeks to receive your Light Box order.

  • If you want to ship an order outside of the mainland U.S. please contact us and we’ll make it work for you.


Please submit this form to join our Collectors Club

    • Benefits begin after your first panel purchase:
      • Members will be given the same number as your first panel on every future Sunlight panel Edition you purchase.
      • You will receive a 10% credit on all your future panel purchases
      • The opening price will be locked in for you no matter how much a particular Edition increases
      • These benefits will apply if you purchase multiple panels in the same Edition
      • You will receive advanced notification of new panels prior to release
    • A few things from you
      • You agree to purchase at least one panel per quarter, that’s a minimum of 4 panels purchased per year, in which case all panels will have the same number.
      • Once you purchase 4 panels in a year, your obligation to purchase in each quarter is done, however, you still have your Club benefits for all future purchases.
      • We will keep your credit card on file to automate future purchase.
      • Please be sure to place your follow-up orders as we will probably not be reminding you


If you have a Gallery, a Sports Merch or Collectibles store (bricks and mortar preferred), and you would like to sell Sunlight Art Gallery products in your town, fill out this form and tell us about you and your store.  We will reach out and tell you about our Dealer Program. 


  • For anyone you refer with this form, both of you will receive an (additional) 5% credit on your next Sunlight panel purchase.
  • Only Collectors Club members can benefit from this Referral Program, and only if your friend is not already a Sunlight customer.


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