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Our Vision

Throughout the 30 years we’ve been immersed in the colorful world of fine art, we tried to find a way to illuminate color through paintings with natural sunlight.  Thanks to advanced technology in printing, we discovered a perfect combination of high quality ink and transparent panels that made this vision a reality.  Fans and Collectors can now enjoy and display backlit images of beautiful mixed media art created by and exclusively available from Sunlight Art Gallery.  Every Sunlight Art panel is one in a limited edition, meaning there will be no additional panels of that image printed once the edition sells out.

A few details

  • The 2 standard sizes of Sunlight Panels are 12” Square and 23.25” Square (the 24”)
  • All our images are printed exclusively on transparent panels
  • You can order panels in Custom Sizes, with Your Own Photos, or with a Different Team Background
  • Checkout the benefits of joining our Collectors Club 
  • Choose from 4 Display Options for Sunlight Art panels
  • All art panel orders are shipped via FedEx Ground
  • Art panels purchased do not have “Sunlight Art” watermarks 
  • New team panels will be added to the site periodically
  • To clean Sunlight Panels use only water and a soft cotton or microfiber cloth
  • Sunlight Panels are Made in the USA





Display Options

Sunlight Window Art panels can just lean against any window to let the best rays light them up. At night they block the view in from the outside.


Window Hanging Assembly

Silver metal hinged rails snap onto the top and bottom so the sun can light up your hanging panel from any window. Sunlight panels can be easily interchanged.

All hanging hardware is included.


Custom Black Metal Frame Kit

Dress up any standard size Sunlight Art panel with an easy to assemble custom black metal frame kit that includes four custom-sized rails and hardware.

All hardware for easy assembly is included.


Ultra-Thin LED Custom Light Box

Light it up 24/7 with our 3/4” thin custom LED Light Box that delivers max light to let your Sunlight Art glow with minimal heat. Easily rotate Sunlight panels in and out

Expert metal construction with UL certification.


Art Panel Holder for Tables

Simply slide your Sunlight Art panel into this 17” slick silver metal stand, situate the stand and your Sunlight Art panel near a window for optimum vibrant color display.

Optional adhesive strips come on the bottom.


Sunlight Support

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